martha de santelices singer
Martha de Santelices


An indispensable figure in the night shows and cabarets of the restless Havana of the 60´s. He keeps his vocal qualities magnificent and has a very extensive repertoire.

maría elena lazo

Recognized singing teacher and valuable interpreter of many genres of Cuban music.

María de Jesus cuban singer
María de Jesús López

Woman of character, her singing posture imposes on the boards. She has a deep voice, well directed, as a seal. Her singing label was imposed since she won one of the most prestigious talent shows in Cuba, “Todo el mundo canta “(Everybody Sings).

Leonor Zayas singer
Leonor Zayas


Also contestant of “Todo el Mundo Canta”. She has a very harmonious voice and “sonero” charm.

Laura Rodríguez Cuban singer
Laura Rodríguez

Born in Santiago de Cuba, this 44-year-old composer lives now in the capital. Bachelor of Music Education and singer, is a composer and has presented her creations in demanding national competitions. It has a vibrant voice and addresses danceable genres with confidence and ease.

Juana Bacallao singer
Juana Bacallao


The “Show Woman from Cuba”, “Juana la Cubana”, is some of the names that have deserved this spectacular artist. With a peculiar way to tackle the Cuban music and today a vivid legend and exceptional witness of the bohemian Havana woman of the 50s and 60s, we’re pleased to have her as a star in our project. She’s shared scenarios with the greatest and biggest of the music worldwide, she’s taken her art on the scenarios of different countries. Her charm and Cuban mischievously way are simply matchless.

José Valladares


Recognized in all Cuba and overseas because of his successful work as a composer in the 60 and 70 decades. All Cuban singers of success of those years sang his songs, which immediately became hits on the musical lists. Also well-known bands like Manolito Simonet and Issac Delgado have sung his songs. He forayed into singing successfully, work that he’s kept today.

Jose Luis Arango singer
José Luis Arango


Very well known for his work with different bands of first line, like Pacho Alonso’s. With a lot of “angel” and charisma for the audience, he’s defined as a guarachero par excellence.

Jorge Mulet singer
Jorge Mulet


With the same grace as in his funny improvisations, defends the Cuban musical legacy, singing excellent dancing songs with a peculiar style.

Flora Max singer


Her “son” politeness is proverbial; it’s a nice experience to see her on stage with her harmonic enrollment and self-confidence.