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There are some things you can´t miss in the Island of Music… please, don’t skip the chance to listen and dance the most authentic and traditional Cuban music. Maybe the Cuban musical heritage is the most important present that this island has done to the world; the last 50s from last century were prolific concerning composers, singers and bands of international stature. Worth being names like Benny Moré or Celia Cruz so you can highlight then huge prestige of the Cuban music of these years, so travellers from around the world, artists of international stature and intellectual were really fond of this music.

More than ten years ago, we took this legacy and we defend it under the name of “Tradicionales de los 50s”. This project has been presented with great success in so nice places like the 1930 Salon from The National Hotel, always crowded, at the Salon Rojo from The Capri Hotel, The Copa Room Cabaret of The Havana Riviera Hotel, at the Continental Cabaret of The International Hotel in Varadero, in the Houses of Music, at the Café Taberna Amigos del Benny, at the Havana Club Rum museum, at the Santo Angel restaurant, in New Year’s Eve activities and special suppers at the Old Square in Old Havana, being accepted by the public successfully.

In the project very important figures have worked from the musical panorama of Cuba, among them we have the great Pío Leyva, known worldwide as a “Montunero from Cuba”, a Buena Vista Social Club and Afrocuban All Stars, the maestro Guillermo Rubalcaba, star of the Afro-Cuban All Stars, Buena Vista Bar, Grammy Awards nominee and important director, composer and instrumentalist, recently deceased.

The following Cuban Musical bands have also collaborated with us, giving prestige and a quality label to itself:

  • Charango Rubalcaba
  • Pío Leyva band
  • Rumba Tere band
  • Cuba Son All Stars
  • Cuban Salsa
  • América Orchestra
  • Aragon Orchestra
  • Sierra Maestra Septet
  • Matamoros Septet
  • Cesar and his Sonora Universal
  • The Piquete Cubano
  • Havana Casino band
  • Roberto Faz band
  • Son Caturla Orchestra


Many artists have been working with Tradicionales de los 50, among the most relevant stars we can mention: Julio Alberto Fernández, Barbarito Torres, Amadito Valdés, “El Guajiro” Mirabal, Julienne Oviedo Sánchez, Carlos González Cárdenas, Lázaro Villa, Rosa Fornés, Rolo Martínez, Manolo del Valle, Rolito, Armadito y Navarro, Félix Baloy, Héctor Téllez, Alfonsín Quintana, Caridad Hierrezuelo, Hilda de la Hoz, María Elena Pena, Xiomara Valdés, Teresa García Caturla, Ela Calvo, María Victoria Gil, Amparito Valencia y Luis Téllez.

This is the spirit of Cuba:


come with us AND ENJOY IT!

Tradicionales de los 50

Band members
roberto rodríguez alpízar director tradicionales de los 50
Mr. José Roberto Rodríguez Alpízar


Founder of the Cuban music project Tradicionales de los 50.

Juana Bacallao singer
Juana Bacallao


The “Show Woman from Cuba”, “Juana la Cubana”, is some of the names that have deserved this spectacular artist. With a peculiar way to tackle the Cuban music and today a vivid legend and exceptional witness of the bohemian Havana woman of the 50s and 60s, we’re pleased to have her as a star in our project. She’s shared scenarios with the greatest and biggest of the music worldwide, she’s taken her art on the scenarios of different countries. Her charm and Cuban mischievously way are simply matchless.

Tradicionales de los 50 history 1
José Valladares


Recognized in all Cuba and overseas because of his successful work as a composer in the 60 and 70 decades. All Cuban singers of success of those years sang his songs, which immediately became hits on the musical lists. Also well-known bands like Manolito Simonet and Issac Delgado have sung his songs. He forayed into singing successfully, work that he’s kept today.

Tradicionales de los 50 history 2
Mundito González


Holder of a beautiful voice, made to the Cuban song and the bolero. It’s an obliged presence according to event dedicated to this form is made worldwide and he’s recognized as “La voz de Oro” (The Golden voice). He’s made himself, old songs of this form of his own, like the immortal “Dos Gardenias”.

martha de santelices singer
Martha de Santelices


An indispensable figure in the night shows and cabarets of the restless Havana of the 60´s. He keeps his vocal qualities magnificent and has a very extensive repertoire.

maría elena lazo

Recognized singing teacher and valuable interpreter of many genres of Cuban music.

Rolando Montero El Muso singer
Rolando Montero “El Muso”


Rolando Montero “El Muso”, of a wide register and vocal skills. Very elegant when he sings the Cuban rhythms, pure “sonero man”, he has shared scenarios with renowned Latin artists, such as Andy Montañez, Gilberto Santa Rosa, among others.

andres sanchez tenor and singer
Andrés Sánchez


With a beautiful tenor voice, this young talent has taken his art through important stages of the Cuban capital and has intervened in numerous cultural projects.

El indio cuban singer
Alfredo Rodríguez


Sympathy and charisma in a man who has made the guaracha genre his greatest triumph. His presence is a guarantee of dance and fun in the purest Cuban style.

Jorge Mulet singer
Jorge Mulet


With the same grace as in his funny improvisations, defends the Cuban musical legacy, singing excellent dancing songs with a peculiar style.

Migdalia Hechavarria singer
Migdalia Hechavarría


Has taken her art in so demanding festivals like San Remo and she has collaborated with prominent artists as Chucho Valdés. Her deep upper register is very attractive when sings guarachas and son songs.

Jose Luis Arango singer
José Luis Arango


Very well known for his work with different bands of first line, like Pacho Alonso’s. With a lot of “angel” and charisma for the audience, he’s defined as a guarachero par excellence.

Sergio Farías singer
Sergio Farías


Was known as a winner of the demanding television contest “Todo el mundo canta” (“Everybody sings”) and from then on he’s been of a usual presence in TV shows, concerts, festivals and international tours. He turns to be of a wide repertoire when he sings so easily romantic songs as dancing ones as well.

Raquel Hernández singer
Raquel Hernández


Her voice has gone through the most demanding scenarios of Havana nights and also as a guest in several countries. She has an enviable versatility and a special gift for dancing, that night after night she tests on our scenarios.

Flora Max singer


Her “son” politeness is proverbial; it’s a nice experience to see her on stage with her harmonic enrollment and self-confidence.

Pablo Santamaría singer
Pablo Santamaría


Percussionist and tenor. One of the greatest Cuban voices, finalist of so demanding festivals like Tokyo and Dresden. He has some CDs produced and a huge repertoire. His presence is common in different television and radio programs.

Millán Zuaznábar singer
Millán Zuaznabar


Singer winner of the TV talent show, “Todo el mundo canta”, in the second edition in 1981. He is owner of a power and richful voice, with bass notes. His performances are spotless when singing popular genres such as guarachas and sones.

Leonor Zayas singer
Leonor Zayas


Also contestant of “Todo el Mundo Canta”. She has a very harmonious voice and “sonero” charm.

Felix Bernal singer
Félix Bernal


To his well-pitched voice, he joins the master of his performances on the piano, that it turus out the perfect complement to see him sing unforgettable songs of the Cuban and Latin America songbook.

Yanko Pizaco trumpet player
Yanko Pizako


Has developed his work as a professional trumpet player since 1995. Member of the Cuban Radio and Television Orchestra, he was selected to be part of the projects like the Afrocuban All Stars where he was for 4 years as the first trumpet player. He’s travelled the world and he is praised for having worked with musicians like Chick Corea and Wynton Marsalis. He also participated in CDs with Ibrahím Ferrer and the Buena Vista Social Club project.

Emilio Ramos guitar player
Emilio Ramos

Guitar player

Virtuous of the tres. He’s one the most well-known and acclaimed popular Cuban music guitar players overseas. He was one of the founders of the legendary group “Sierra Maestra”, which work cleared the way to projects that came after like Buena Vista Social Club. He’s been a Grammy nominee for several times.

Candela bass player
Adalberto Ávila “Candela”

Bass player

Excellent bass player, he was a member of famous groups like “Adalberto y su Son”, until the foundation of his own band, “Son Candela”. He is commonly guest musician of different records made by well known Cuban artists.

Ángel Luis Rodríguez
Ángel Luis Fernández


Popular presenter of the Cuban television. His work is common in some star programs domestically and overseas.

dance couple happy
“Tradicionales del Son” dancing couple


Virtuous of the elegant dance, of course they give colours and pass on the people who go to the show with their charm of dancing.

Tradicionales de los 50 Orchestra
Orchestra Tradicionales de los 50

Accompanist band

Founded as a septet in Matanzas city in 1927 by the brothers Juan, Eliseo and Carlos Díaz, settling down in Havana at the beginning of the 30s. At the beginning of the 50s the band had the special collaboration of the renowned Cuban artist Celia Cruz.

Laura Rodríguez Cuban singer
Laura Rodríguez

Born in Santiago de Cuba, this 44-year-old composer lives now in the capital. Bachelor of Music Education and singer, is a composer and has presented her creations in demanding national competitions. It has a vibrant voice and addresses danceable genres with confidence and ease.

María de Jesus cuban singer
María de Jesús López

Woman of character, her singing posture imposes on the boards. She has a deep voice, well directed, as a seal. Her singing label was imposed since she won one of the most prestigious talent shows in Cuba, “Todo el mundo canta “(Everybody Sings).