Imagine Havana from the 50s.

Havana of magnificent night shows, world well-known cabarets and bars, visited by established artists of international fame who were involved with common people, assimilating their costumes and way of living and knowing from first-hand the best and more enduring gift from Cuba that has done to the world: the music. Because this is what this is all about: The Cuban music.

Relevant figures?

Of course, many. Like many the Cuban musical forms, bequeathed to the universal heritage: Son, Mambo, Guaracha, Cha Cha, Rumba, Guaguancó…
Direct heir of this treasure is the Tradicionales de los 50 project. During all passed nights from June 2011 up to date, we’ve shown the world what it’s worthy and outstanding of our music. Unforgettable authors and singers from the Cuban music have been and are feted in our show: Benny Moré, Celia Cruz, Compay Segundo, Joseíto Fernández, and Ibrahim Ferrer…
If I’m asked what the causes were that made found the Tradicionales de los 50 Cuban music project more than ten years ago, I’d say that many. But any so powerful and enduring like the passion I feel for the Cuban music, which I share, obviously, with all the members of this musical adventure known in some and in many important stages of Cuba. The value of the traditions is irreplaceable and we want that this gets united to the contemporary “know how”, taking care of the Cuban music roots. To all who helped me thanks a lot with all my heart. There wasn’t obstacle that friendship couldn’t save and sharing a dream. Join this experience.