Yanko Pizako


Has developed his work as a professional trumpet player since 1995. Member of the Cuban Radio and Television Orchestra, he was selected to be part of the projects like the Afrocuban All Stars where he was for 4 years as the first trumpet player. He’s travelled the world and he is praised for having worked with musicians like Chick Corea and Wynton Marsalis. He also participated in CDs with Ibrahím Ferrer and the Buena Vista Social Club project.

Sergio Farías


Was known as a winner of the demanding television contest “Todo el mundo canta” (“Everybody sings”) and from then on he’s been of a usual presence in TV shows, concerts, festivals and international tours. He turns to be of a wide repertoire when he sings so easily romantic songs as dancing ones as well.

Raquel Hernández


Her voice has gone through the most demanding scenarios of Havana nights and also as a guest in several countries. She has an enviable versatility and a special gift for dancing, that night after night she tests on our scenarios.

Pablo Santamaría


Percussionist and tenor. One of the greatest Cuban voices, finalist of so demanding festivals like Tokyo and Dresden. He has some CDs produced and a huge repertoire. His presence is common in different television and radio programs.

Orestes Macías


Known as “El Guapachoso”, great at his interpretations of boleros and guarachas. Known in more than 30 countries, has worked with all the stars of the Buena Vista Social Club project.

Nani Cruz


Young singer with a powerful vocal pitch, she defends with self-confidence romantic songs and dancing as well.

Mundito González


Holder of a beautiful voice, made to the Cuban song and the bolero. It’s an obliged presence according to event dedicated to this form is made worldwide and he’s recognized as “La voz de Oro” (The Golden voice). He’s made himself, old songs of this form of his own, like the immortal “Dos Gardenias”.

Mr. José Roberto Rodríguez Alpízar


Founder of the Cuban music project Tradicionales de los 50.

Millán Zuaznabar


Singer winner of the TV talent show, “Todo el mundo canta”, in the second edition in 1981. He is owner of a power and richful voice, with bass notes. His performances are spotless when singing popular genres such as guarachas and sones.

Migdalia Hechavarría


Has taken her art in so demanding festivals like San Remo and she has collaborated with prominent artists as Chucho Valdés. Her deep upper register is very attractive when sings guarachas and son songs.