Álvarez Guedes sketch on a vinyl disc

Alvarez Guedes: between music and humor

Alvarez Guedes, Cuban entertainer, and musical productor launched the career of many Cuban and Latin artists, he lived in Miami exile since 1960

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Couple dancing danzon drawing

Danzon means Cuba

Short history of the Danzon in Cuba due to the Havana Danzon Festival, 2017. Features and exponents of this dance from XIX century in Cuba.

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Orestes Macías in an acting, mic in hand

Orestes Macías: The bolero and other nostalgia

Interview to the outstanding Cuban bolero singer Orestes Macías, the voice of Rumbavana and a lover of the bolero and the romantic song.

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Melissa Etheridge, Ben Folds and Rufus Wainwright collage, sit in the Central Park of Havana

Pop stars and “tour lideres”…? In Havana everything is possible.

Known pop American singers travel to Havana like tour lideres on the lead of tourists willing to know the Cuban culture

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Sensual Woman and musical notes

The eroticism and the Cuban music, so hot you get burned!

Eroticism and Cuban music, songs with catchy lyrics, suggestive but without having a bad taste, some Cuban composers have pontificated in the matter.

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Barbarito Diez and LP’s “Asi bailaba Cuba” collage

Barbarito Diez: The Voice that did the Danzón a Credit

Barbarito Diez with his calm ways and his golden voice, it was the singer that made a big hit one of the Cuban rhythms more emblematic.

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Migdalia Hechavarría and Gabriel García Márquez

Migdalia Hechavarría, the voice of feeling

Migdalia Hechevarría, Cuban singer of a wide tuning fork, star of a many Havana nights and fond of feeling and the romantic song.

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Cuban orchestra at a radio cabin

The Kings of the Radio in the 1950 Decade, Cuban Bands: The Wonder, (II Part)

The Cuban fifties was signed by a high number of radio hits, contagious rhythms, and marvelous bands.

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Irakere and Chucho Valdes

Irakere: The Real Name of a Legend

Irakere, Grammy awarded band with the great Cuban musician Chucho Valdes as director was a milestone in Latin Jazz

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sketch of romantic couple listening the radio

The Kings of the Radio in the 1950 Decade (I part)

The fifties in Cuba was an splendid time for romantic music, along with relevant voices such as Celia Cruz, Benny Moré and Olga Guillot. Here you are some of this hits.

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Bebo and Chucho Valdés

Bebo and Chucho Valdes, two lives in the Cuban music

Bebo and Chucho Valdés are two awesome examples of XX Century Cuban musicians, although sometimes the way was not so easy…

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Enrique Jorrín Orchestra

Cha-Cha =Enrique Jorrin+Cuba

Cha-cha was one of the most famous Cuban rhythms created by the talented composer Enrique Jorrín in the forties, in the fifties, the world danced with it.

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Van Van and Juan Formell on stage

The Cuban’s life in Juan Formell’s music

Juan Formell´s songs are like a pleasant testimony about how Cuba was during some decades

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Tata Güines hands playing congas

The secrets that Tata Güines took to his grave

Tata Güines was an exceptional rumba man with a unique way to play congas. Would you like to know some of his secrets?

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Esther Borja with umbrella

Esther Borja, a charming lady

Esther Borja was a very succesful Cuban singer, with long life and prominent career

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Walt Disney, Marlon Brando, Pete Seeger, Dizzy Gillespie, Harry Belafonte, Beyoncé, American artistas in Cuba

American artists in Cuba. The six most influential visits from the centuries XX and XXI

Many American artists visited Cuba in XIX and XX centuries, mainly interested in knowing the culture and music.

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Dance couple and conga players

Rumba men, Cuban and Unknown…!

A popular rumba men lived in Cuba, a few know his name but everybody sing his songs

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Couple of Cuban farmers with typical clothes around a country house

The Country, Sex and the Sucu Suco

Sucu suco is one of the most regional and indigenous expressions of the Cuban popular music, with lyrics that involve patriotic themes or overlapped sexual verses.

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Pedro Calvo with an unmistakable feature; his big hat

Pedrito Calvo: beyond the level

Pedro Calvo, one of the most popular singers in Cuba, former member of Van Van group smiles as life goes by and remains loyal to his musical roots

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Leonora Rega striking artistic pose

Leonora Rega’s Second Death

Leonora Rega, Capri Hotel, Havana, Cuban music, cabarets, Cuba, night life, D´Aida quartet

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Gina León striking an artistic pose

The leading voice at Capri nights

Gina León is, if there’s no another opposite information, the first Cuban singer with a record recorded according to her performances in one of the most exciting cabarets in Havana, under the title: Gina sings in The Capri.

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Pérez Prado doing an usual gesture


A musical revolution started to take part at the end of the 30s and got its biggest splendor during the 50s; it was Mambo

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Meme Solís quartet


Meme Solís, the famous Cuban musician choose the exile as alternative

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Man looking for musical inspiration among sound waves and musical notes


The outstanding Cuban composer José (Pepe) Valladares reveals for Tradicionales de los 50, some musical creation clefs.

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guitar player silhouette walking on desert street


Three Cuban musicians of huge greatness and sad destiny, Manuel Corona, Polo Montañez and Carlos Embale

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They are remembered like The Cuban Platters. Like the indisputable hosts of the clubs, nightclubs, bars and everywhere that smells party in the upheaval Havana from the 60´s.

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: Sindo Garay famous Cuban musician


Without studying music, he’s one of the greatest composers from the end of the XIX century and half of the XX, admired by national and overseas composers.

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In the decade of the 50 and a little beyond there, some cases of blind musicians were known, which it wasn’t an obstacle to get a place of honor among the best Cuban music cultured, we give you four forceful examples.

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The development of the radio as a mean of communication had its beginning in North America and Europe during the two first decades of the XX century. The first radio stations in The USA broadcasted mainly news without the presence of any publicity, although in 1922 the radial transmissions sponsored by commercial brands began to appear, mainly dedicated to sports, musicals, interviews and…talent scout programs, also known as “talent shows”.

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50’s Decade. Spanish environment cool Cuba (Second Part and Final)

Three ases to the throws. The three Spanish names that made a hit during that decade were Lola Flores, Pedrito Rico and the well-known Sarita Montiel.

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The temperamental has the name of a woman

Temperamental among the temperamental, Moraima Secada is one of those singers who has left an indelible mark, and even she put a special mark, hard to brake in some songs. It happened with her Pérdoname conciencia singing by Piloto and Vera, that it was a compelling ending in one of her performances. La Mora, as…

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50’s Decade. Spanish environment cool Cuba (1 Part)

Spanish music has been the queen in the preference of Cubans during some decades and the 50’s wasn’t an exception. Doing a detailed summary, who were the most outstanding figures is not an easy matter but some names do outstand at the popular preference of those years, some already mythical figures like: Los Chavales and Los Churumbeles from Spain, Juan Legido, Lola Flores and Sarita Montiel, just to mention some.

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The Black Goddess made the earth shake

The Black Goddess, The major Show Woman or Juana La Cubana, as she’s known in the culture world, the singer Juana Bacallao able to keep on loving despite her 9 decades and while life keeps shinning for her, she’s on the Cuban stages and the world, just like that. She’s indeed, the queen of the cabarets, with her own guarachero humor, her occasion wigs and sequin shine.

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The music we speak and the sounds we see… time for surrealism

Several scientific studies confirm that there are more believed similarities between music and the human speech and our pupils not only react before light.

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The Cuban music lady of the feeling, Elena Burke

“La Burke”, the singer who mocked the little bells of the Supreme Court of Art. Pedro J. Herrera Echavarría

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In Cuba, Pancho Amat is called the tres*

With his Cuban hat, his “guarachera” smile and the three stringed instrument which has given him an international well-known name, the tresero Pancho Amat went to the Eastern Cuban province of Ciego de Avila in these days of April to start the part and make the followers move their feet of the Traditional and Fusion Piña Colada Festival as a guest of honor though, and it’s always said, he’s without pompous titles that embellish him the “Rápido of Güira de Melena”. Who dares to take away from him that alias won in every of his presentations with his agile,

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El Benny y Olga Guillot

The Cuban music in four anecdotes and several surprises

Stories and anecdotes of musicians and rhythms of Cuban music; things you didn´t know about Benny, Olga Guillot and a famous Cha cha cha

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Freddy, a unique case in Cuban music

Loyal to our habit of remembering famous Cuban figures, we can not overlook Freddy, who along with other stars like Celia Cruz, have put in a deserved rightful place the name of the Cuban song.

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Celia Cruz con la bandera cubana de fondo

Celia Cruz: Salsa has the Name of a Queen

Few times an artist has raised so many passions in and out of Cuba like Celia Cruz, now she’s come out again due to the controversial serie that has caused divisions among the ones who met her personally and the producers of itself, determined, according to the first, to show a simple and sweetening image about the really one, no question at all one of the most relevant Cuban personalities from the XX century. Even president Obama in his speech, mentioned Celia among the most renowned Cuban musicians. The journalist Michel Hernández brings to our page a nice issue

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Discos de Nat King Cole


Havana welcomes the visit of the president Barack Obama during these days and Tradicionales de los 50 remembers the very famous American singer Nat “King” Cole’s stay sixty years ago. We’re pleased to confirm the rich legacy of musical influences between The U.S. and Cuba, and the tens of musicians from both countries who have enriched their ways of doing, placing jazz in the highest expression of this collaboration.

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Paul McCartney en Santiago de Cuba

McCartney’s incredible visit to Santiago de Cuba

Tradicionales de los 50 are waiting for the free Rolling Stones concert to be performed in La Ciudad Deportiva facilities next March 25th to thousands of people from Havana. A visit related to the activities proposed due to the British Culture week in Havana to be celebrated from the 18th to the 27th this month. However not many remember that the recently deceased George Martin, considered the fifth Beatle also arrived in Havana and Paul McCartney was in a family visit in the Cuban East, the cradle of the son…

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Buena Vista Social Club

The end of the Century 20th sounded in Cuba: The Buena Vista Social Club and its incredible journey through the world

After twenty years of constant successes, The Buena Vista Social Club (BVSC), the all-stars of the most Cuban music of all times, says good bye to the stages and its followers.

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The Cuban music and you: The “Yes “or “No” that defines the way you are

música cubana bongóAccording to the well-known humorist Héctor Zumbado (1932), the attitude before listening to popular forms of the Cuban music will reveal what kind of temper you have…this is a special recommendation of Traditional of the fifties to their readers. (Text taken from the book “Riflexiones (2)”, Unión Editions, 1985, Cuba).

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There are two important things in Cuba: music and table. They’re always together. They’re always defining periods. We propose you a journey through the most musical of the cuisine; the Cuban one. Not for nothing I state that the Cuban nationality, the great erudite Fernando Ortiz compared it with an “Ajiaco”. In his big bursary of analogies, like any other wise man, willing to clarify something, he could have taken another one; but not. Once more, food was the protagonist in this occasion, for defining what we are.

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Tradicionales de los 50 and the Cuban music.

Havana of magnificent night shows, world well-known cabarets and bars, visited by established artists of international fame who were involved with common people, assimilating their costumes and way of living and knowing from first-hand the best and more enduring gift from Cuba that has done to the world: the music. Because this is what this is all about: The Cuban music.

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