profile of the Capitolio habanero with musical notes

Enhance with the rythm of Havana

This city has its swing… So, you visit it, don´t miss the chance to feel it.

 drawing of singer microphone in hand

Give your night a sense of privilege

Listen and dance the music made by figures of strong careers and stars invited of Buena Vista Social Club and Afro-Cuban All Stars.

 drawing of a glass, bottle of rum and cocktail shaker with musical notes

Enjoy a 100% Cuban experience

Cocktails, traditional Cuban food and music in a way of the old school, get the option you prefer, who can ask for more?

What people
  • One of the main reasons I went to Cuba, was for the music. I was utterly blown away by the vibrant ‘wall of sound’ right from the first notes and this was sustained all the way through. What an incredible experience and one that I will remember forever!

    Great Cuban music
    Lyn Eastman
  • Thanks for this unforgettable evening that we will always bring in our hearts and our souls.!

    Cuban music
    DreamTeam Gruppo Di Ballo
  • Hard to imagine so much fun and energy in ONE place!! The excitement and entertainment never slowed down for 2 and 1/2 hours. One Great singer after another.

    The Highlight of an AMAZING Trip
    Bret W
  • These singers put on a great live show which. A good way to while away a couple of hours in the evening.

    Traditional Cuban singers
    Julie B
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El cantante Orestes Macías durante una presentación en La Habana de música tradicional cubana.
Cantante cubana de sones y guarachas en plena actuación en un centro nocturno de Cuba en 2017
Baile en uno de los lugares recomendados de vida nocturna en La Habana
antante cubana junto con la Orquesta Gloria Matancera en la sede de la música tradicional cubana en vivo en La Habana
Joven cantante cubana del proyecto #tradicionalesdelos50 en un night club y personas bailando
Gente alegre y sonero cubano actuando en vivo en un lugar para bailar y escuchar música cubana